Your #1 Solution to Mobility Challenges

Our Tilt-in-Space Bath/Shower Chairs Provide Dignity and Foster Independence

Dual Swing-Arm Tilt-in-Space Bath/Shower Chair is a perfect solution to all mobility challenges. Whether you are permanently disabled, elderly or facing temporary challenges – due to surgery and/or rehab – our chairs provide a safe environment which promotes comfort and fosters independence.

    • Easy to move – Extra large casters creates effortless mobility

    • Easy to tilt – Simple push-button operation affords three positions to accommodate the needs of individuals

    • Easy to clean – Duralife PVC won’t rust, chip, dent or peel and it is simple to clean

    • Privacy – DuraTilt’s seat angle provides sense of dignity and privacy in toileting

    • The Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair fosters a greater sense of patient independence

2005 – Dual Swing-Arm Tilt-In-Space Bath/Shower Chair

dual arm tilt-in-space

This chair is SO convenient! It will last forever and it's SO easy to clean. We love it!

A lifesaver. I can't imagine how we survived without it.

We've tried a few other options, but this chair is the best value. The PVC material is GREAT!

Shower time used to be arduous and sometimes a bit hazardous. This chair makes a HUGE difference.

Excellent customer service! When one of the wheel sockets cracked we were able to have it replaced quickly and free of charge.


The company was founded by two US veterans, Danial Day and Tim Ludgate in 1988. A primary goal continues to be the preservation and expansion of American manufacturing. Our products come fully assembled and are built to order by our experienced team. All manufacturing, sewing, and assembly is done on-site in our Philadelphia factory.

PVC provides the same strength and durability as stainless steel, at a fraction of the cost. Because it inhibits the growth of bacteria or viruses, it is also easier to clean. The lightweight material makes it much easier to transport. Unlike metal, PVC cannot rust or corrode. As a result, it will last 10-15 years, on average.

Our products improve quality of life by promoting patient independence. In addition, our products provide comfort and peace of mind, while adhering to strict medical standards. No matter your challenges – our products provide solutions.

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