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Our Best Selling Laundry Hampers Will Help Keep Your Space Sanitized and Organized

  • Snap-on cover

  • Snap-on vinyl bag

  • Standard 3” casters

  • Step pedal

  • Different colored bags makes sorting a breeze

700-11 - Step Pedal Laundry Hamper

Step-Pedal Laundry Hamper
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The PVC Material is extraordinary. It won't rust or corrode and it's a BREEZE to clean!

Very durable. Value beyond belief.

We have several of these hampers in our locker rooms. They are instrumental in keeping our space clean in these challenging times.

Strong, sturdy and convenient. We use the separate color feature to keep our linens well organized.


The company was founded by two US veterans, Danial Day and Tim Ludgate in 1988. A primary goal continues to be the preservation and expansion of American manufacturing. All of our products come fully assembled and are built to order by our experienced team. All manufacturing, sewing, and assembly is done on-site in our Philadelphia factory.

PVC provides the same strength and durability as stainless steel, at a fraction of the cost. Because it inhibits the growth of bacteria or viruses, it is also easier to clean. The lightweight material makes it much easier to transport. Unlike metal, PVC cannot rust or corrode. As a result, it will last 10-15 years, on average.

Our products improve quality of life by promoting patient independence. In addition, our products provide comfort and peace of mind, while adhering to strict medical standards. No matter your challenges – our products provide solutions.

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