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The Solution For All PVC Medical Related Products


Duralife hampers made with medical/furniture-grade PVC.


Even after 30 years we continue to innovate and create new items to aid our customers.

Duraglide Transfer Systems

Make day to day life easier for all involved.

Bath Chairs

Duralife bath chairs are designed to aid caregivers.

Shower Chairs

Safely and comfortably use the shower with a PVC shower chair.


Life can be made easier for both the individual and their caretaker.


Reliable pediatric bath chairs, shower chairs, and commodes.

Replacement Parts

We offer a wide array of replacement parts to keep your chair in operation. Additional parts are available by contacting us.

Carts, Hampers & Closets

Designed for a wide array of uses.

Reclining Shower Chairs

The Reclining Feature offers 5 different positions


Duralife bath chairs are designed to aid caregivers.


These items are to increase the benefits and comfort of our products or everyday life.