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In the hospitality industry, first impressions of your business are vital.   The competition is fierce and with rising costs of labor, energy and facilities, you need to protect your bottom line while maintaining your facility.   Duralife, Inc. offers innovative products at competitive prices to support your efforts and ensure your clients see you at your best.

Performance is guaranteed!  Our durable PVC products not only withstand the daily workload, but are easy to clean and sanitize, are impact resistant and do not chip, peel, rust, or stain.  From ice carts to hampers to garment carts, our products “keep up appearances” for years to come.

Value is guaranteed by offering not only competitive pricing, but also products that last.  Medical/furniture grade PVC added to benefits such as durability, adjustability, and ease of maintenance produces a product that will perform and withstand daily use.

Comfort and Security are vital aspects in Duralife products.  Our designs and features ensure that you receive products that are made for comfort during use and offer snap-on mesh or vinyl covers for privacy.

Dual-Shelf Push-Bar Linen Cart