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The ever increasing demands of the Medical Industry weigh heavy on your services.  Precision and competence are imperative.  Duralife, Inc. offers products to support your daily efforts and to improve your ability to meet your clients’ needs.  You will find our quality PVC chairs, transfer systems, carts and other items meeting the demands of care in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, retirement homes, hospitals, and other care facilities.

Performance is guaranteed.  We stand behind our products and will ensure they meet and exceed their intended functions.  Our durable products are FDA registered and made from medical/furniture grade PVC.  This allows our products to be easily cleaned, sanitized and sterilized to help protect your clients.  In addition, the PVC material does not chip, peel, rust or stain.

Value is guaranteed by offering not only competitive pricing, but also products that last.  Medical/furniture grade PVC added to benefits such as durability, adjustability, and ease of maintenance produces a product that will perform and withstand daily use.

Comfort and safety are integral parts of our designs and the coziness of the warm-to-the-touch benefit of PVC result in functional products that are light weight and stand up to the daily workloads.  We have taken care to eliminate any sharp edges from our designs.   From service carts to walkers to our innovative Duraglide Transfer System, Duralife is your partner for resilient, quality products.