346P – Pediatric Reclining Duraglide Transfer System

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Duralife’s Pediatric Reclining Duraglide Transfer System is a high quality pediatric transfer bench that makes it easy to transfer your child to the bath or commode. It is designed to be used with any standard tub and eliminates the need for heavy lifting or awkward transfers. It fits over a standard commode for toileting. When attached to the adjustable tub rails, the seat rolls into the tub for bathing or showering.


Features and Benefits

  • 4 locking 5″ casters

  • Adjustable Tub Base with suction cups

  • Removable 12 qt. commode pail

  • Dual Swing-Arms

  • Safety belt

  • Retractable footrest

  • Easy-Level™ tub frame legs adjustable over a 5″ range

Custom sizes and designs available

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Fabric Color
Royal Blue
Wedgewood Blue
Dove Grey
UPGRADE - Head Stabilizer





Order total:


Product Code: 346P
Product Dimensions (inches): 45.5 x 54 x 38
Product Weight (pounds): 60
Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H) (inches): 31 x 34 x 39
Shipping Weight (pounds): 65


  1. Position the chair for patient transfer.

  2. Apply brakes on all casters.

  3. Transfer the patient to the bath seat.

  4. The seat and back are adjusted by depressing the locking buttons located under the seat and behind the back.

  5. The chest and leg straps can be moved up and down and are adjustable by means of hook and loop.

  6. Attach the bath seat and rolling base to the tub base and lock into place.

  7. Depress the lock release lever and slide the seat onto the tub base.

  8. Release the lock release lever and make sure it engages the tub base hole.


Never leave patient unattended.
Always apply all 4 brakes while transferring.